All-round platform.

It's all about connections and that’s why we connect everything to everything. The technological backbone of it all is our CDS platform, that offers endless possibilities!

E-mail, database, website or API: from countless locations data enters the platform. It speaks all languages and that’s essential, because all systems communicate in their own way. The enormous data collection that is formed has huge potential. Check, merge, analyse or filter: endless possibilities. Have you extracted the information you were looking for? The platform reconnects to your system and closes the data circle.

The CDS platform is largely based on Open Source technology and is provided in the Cloud, Private Cloud and On-premise. Affordable, safe and flexible, suitable for every data obstacle!

‘The benefits? Save time, improve efficiency, get high quality data!’


‘I want to work more efficiently. Manual data work takes too much time.’

Our goal is to simplify your work processes. Our web-based applications run responsively on any device. Hosted in the CDS Cloud or installed locally on your server. We always kick off with a prototype, free of obligations.


‘I want to automate processes. My systems don’t communicate. This takes too much time and causes errors.’

Connections between systems prevent manual work. As a result you save time, improve efficiency and get high quality data. From a simple order exchange with a customer, to a fully integrated in-house application landscape. Connect your invoicing system to your bank, ERP to your accounting programme, orders, internet of things, excel sheets and more. We connect it all.


‘My systems provide valuable data that I want to unlock. Business Intelligence can strengthen my company.’

BI is hot and incredibly valuable. Your systems probably contain huge amounts of information. Analyses, trends, predictions, patterns. Discover why one project is profitable while another costs you money. The CDS platform unlocks your data and offers live and historical data insights. Know the facts and make the right decisions.